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  • I’m likening Nike’s decision to sign Gatlin to when i do my big shop hungry. Terrible decision making. 3 days ago
  • Less than 1% are actually gluten intolerant. The rest claim it so they don’t look like divs in restaurants. But we know. WE ALL KNOW. 3 days ago
  • I say this a lot, but i really bloody love @gglambeth. Tonight is the best night I’ve had all year… Not just @goodgym nights, any night. 2 weeks ago
  • As a kid i was told to not cry and not to sing. 30 years on, watching The Voice, I finally realise how solid that parenting was. 2 weeks ago
  • Two great tasks helping the community for @gglambeth tonight. See you all there? #useyourrun 3 weeks ago

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