Best ergonomics tips for people on the computer all day

Muscle pain and nerve numbing are the common health problem that is experienced by prolonged computer users. In order to avoid these problems, there are ergonomic ideas that can be done for comfortable and safe working hours.

Maintain a good posture

A good posture when working with a keyboard reduces pressure on the lower back. Use a chair with back support and always keep your feet on the floor, or on a footrest.

Be careful in twisting and bending

Keep your shoulders relax, put your necessary things near your reach, and be careful not to bend aggressively.

Position your elbows correctly

The right elbow position when working is 100 to 100 degrees. This allows you to relax your elbows. If you need to rest them, avoid hard surfaces like your table. Instead, rest them on surfaces with pads or anything soft.

Rest your eyes

The prolonged computer use can create a serious eye health problem. When you think your eye muscles are tired already, switch your vision on a different view.

Position your desktop correctly

The correct position of your desktop should be facing against light, glare and excessive reflection. It should be positioned in a neutral or directly in front of you so that your neck will be at the comfortable state.

Take breaks

A 15-20 minute break can help you regain your lost strength and help your body rest for a while. If possible, take a 1-2 minute break in between 20-30 minutes to refresh your eyes and move around the parts of your body.

Do aerobics

Aerobic is composts of simple exercises that can be done even in your work area. A simple stretching while on your chair will do. Moreover, jogging and bending before going to work can help you more as it improves cardiovascular and counteracts strain of prolonged computer use.

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